5 reasons to train outside

It is better to train outside than in the gym. This has long been understood by many athletes, so as soon as it gets warmer, they start going out to parks and courtyards. What are the advantages of street training? We'll tell you now.

1. Fresh air and sunlight

When you exercise outside, you breathe fresh air and are in the sun. Your body is saturated with oxygen and vitamin D – this is a double benefit. If your work takes place indoors, then you should choose outdoor training to provide the body with these two vital elements. In addition, it is the street that helps to harden, because training can be carried out not only in the sun, but also in other weather conditions. Cold weather helps to strengthen the immune system, because the body then tolerates bad weather more easily. As a result, you will be less ill.

2. Save time

The modern rhythm of life has gained incredible momentum, so it is time that is now valued most. The fitness center takes up your travel time, changing clothes, and showering. In addition, in the gym, you may encounter a queue for exercise equipment. If you work out on the street near your home, you can just change your clothes, walk to the Playground in a few minutes, perform a set of exercises, come home and wash. This will take much less time, which you will find something to spend. For example, you can increase your workout for this period of time and perform more stretching exercises.

3. Save money

For outdoor training, you will not need expensive simulators and expensive sports uniforms. And you don't need a subscription. You will get rid of the headache of extending or freezing it. Even if you want to gain muscle mass, you can use home weights, for example, instead of weights-water bottles. hope over for this website https://whatroseknows.com/ Regular workouts will help you maintain your health and muscle tone. You can spend the saved money on an instructor who will tell you how to use bars and horizontal bars to achieve the desired effect. This reallocation of funds will be very reasonable.

4. Compact inventory

For outdoor training, the inventory is quite simple, which allows you to engage in any life circumstances. Even if you went to the country or on a business trip. It all depends on the complexity of your exercises. For a run, it is enough to take sneakers with you. Horizontal bars and benches provide the necessary conditions for training with your own weight, so it will be enough to have a regular sports uniform. You can buy expanders, jump rope, special rollers and weights – this inventory fits in any bag and trunk of the car.

5. A variety of exercises

A small inventory helps you choose any place to train. Near home, near work, or in the country. You can go to the nearest Park or to the shore of a reservoir. If you like variety, you can change the location of sports activities every time. New places, new people, new conditions for exercise. Novelty understand